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    Music and Art Synesthesia

    The dialogue between music and painting initiated by the Academy allows us to compare the different forms of beauty between these sister disciplines and at the same time experience their sympathetic emotions, expanding our artistic horizon and aesthetic space. Through the synesthetic event, we can observe the rhythm of music in painting and visualize the images of painting in music. In the unified Imago of sight and sound, we can discern on multiple levels the aesthetic interests and artistic pursuits of humanity throughout different periods of history.

    “Painting is solidified music, and music is flowing painting”. These two different artistic methods reach through our sensory organs to touch the depths of our soul. The spatiality of painting and the temporality of music interweave across space and time, allowing us to experience the variety of life and its innermost vitality. With music and painting, the oftentimes tumultuous life of man gains a measure of hope for beauty, allowing us to bear unspeakable suffering; with music and painting, our spirit is longer empty. A more beautiful and vivid view of life is laid out before us.

    Through considering the connections between different artistic disciplines, we gain a fuller understanding of our own field. Regardless of how great the difference, the disciplines are simply different paths towards the same destination, that is, humanity’s pursuit of truth and beauty! Only then does art revel its true value to us.

    In melodies, we may hear raging storms or quiet streams, profound sadness or innocent naivety, tumultuous changes or calm stability, solemn reverence or playful pastorals … no matter what we hear, it is a portrayal of life experience and the truth within the artist’s heart. Let us see and hear that once-hidden inner sanctum with open hearts.




    2017年09月26日 19時00分
    展 期:
    2017年 09月26日—2017年09月26日
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