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  • 創作研究



    Young Guest Artist

    The Chinese National Academy of Arts and the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting have always focused on the growth of young artists and supported their artistic creation. Since 2014, through the “Young Guest Artist” program, the Academy has selected certain talented and driven young artists from national exhibit events to join the creative team at the Academy, providing them with an appropriate creative and learning environment. The Academy has selected “Serene Awareness of Aesthetic Truth” as the theme for the Young Guest Artist program, which will be studied jointly with the Study Group. Through participating in exhibits, lectures, discussions, and other academic activities at the Academy, young artists can enliven the Academy’s artistic exploration and academic study and enrich its art style and thinking. Young Artists can contemplate contemporary reality through the keen perspective of youth, and absorb the essence of art both Chinese and foreign, ancient and modern, to create excellent paintings with their own unique language. In doing so they radiate the vitality of youth and elevate their own aesthetic and cultural standards. By growing, cooperating and complementing each other, the Academy and young artists form an inclusive and tolerant academic environment. We will continue to promote the activities of young artists and support them in their artistic endeavors.

    在校 離校